Different Types of E-Cigz

There are many different types of E-Cigz available on the market now: from small mini models to huge 26650 MODs! All of these models are made of two main parts: a Battery, and Top (Clearomizer, or TubeTank). It’s important to know the difference so you can choose the right E-Cig for you!

The first models of E-Cigz used fiddly, refillable Cartridges with a separate Atomizer and had a very small capacity. The next model used Cartomizers, which was a combination of Atomizers and the refillable Cartridge in one piece. This made it so that it had a much larger capacity than the previous models, and was much easier to use, but the Cartomizers used a cotton-like material in them to suspend the liquid and were prone to burning.

The Clearomizer came next—this type of Top had a much larger liquid capacity and a window so that you could see how much liquid was inside. It also came with replaceable Coils, which were the heating element for the e-cigarette, and meant that you could re-use the Top without replacing it. These Tops were first designed with the heating element (Coils) on the top with wicks that dropped down into the Clearomizer, and then later changed to a bottom Coil design, which offered better liquid wicking. TubeTanks are larger Clearomizers, they have a much larger diameter to match the larger-sized MOD models. TubeTanks offer much larger liquid capacity, and many have features such as: Pyrex Glass Tanks and Airflow Control.

Smaller sized E-Cigz are 510 or eGo/EVOD threaded batteries. The Kanger EMUS are the smallest E-Cigz that we offer, and are roughly the same size as a tobacco cigarette. The most common model is the slightly larger eGo or EVOD models (roughly the size of a small cigar), and offer much longer battery-life and higher performance. They come in many different sizes, colours, finishes and designs and are compatible with a large variety of eGo Tops (Clearomizers, and TubeTanks). Some of the more advanced eGo batteries have features such as: Variable Voltage (ability to choose the desired power/performance), Carbon Fibre finishes, and LED readouts on them so that you can see the battery level and the amount of power (voltage) that you’re using. MOD’s are larger battery devices that usually have a removable inner battery (much like a flashlight). MOD’s offer much higher power, and larger liquid capacity.

Some people are cloud-chasers, meaning they want the vapor or smoke effect to be more cigarette-like, with a large throat-hit and huge clouds of vapor to make their experience more realistic. In order to get this effect, you need a MOD with a TubeTank, or for the serious user’s a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). RDA’s typically don’t hold any liquid, and you need to drip the liquid directly into the atomizer. These types of e-cigarettes are mostly for DIY people who customize their RDAs by building their own wire coils and customizing their wicking materials. To do this, you’ll need to use a multi-meter and have a good understanding of voltage and ohmage.

Not sure what type of E-Cig is best for you? We’d be happy to help you choose the right E-Cig for your needs!

FDA Regulations for Crystal E-Liquid

When you’re thinking about buying an electronic cigarette, it’s important for you to know what’s in the products you’re looking at putting into your body.Up until August 11, 2014, the market for e-cigarettes in the US was unregulated by the FDA. Following this, the FDA made some proposed regulations for the industry, once the proposed rule becomes final, FDA will be able to use powerful regulatory tools, such as age restrictions and rigorous scientific review of new tobacco products and claims to reduce tobacco-related disease and death. Our laboratory has been using this time to ensure that Crystal E-Liquid will be fully compliant with the new proposed regulations. In addition to sending out all components to accredited third-party testing, the laboratory has been expanded, and now has the ability to fully test all liquid components, and vapor production with our new HPLC(High Performance Liquid Chromatography), in-house.  All Crystal E-Liquid formulas are on file with the FDA. All Crystal E-Liquid flavouring is GRAS approved, and Crystal E-Liquid base mixtures are comprised of “USP Grade, Kosher, non-GMO” materials. Crystal E-Liquid uses special and unique formulas that are made fresh by degreed chemists and tested in house by our own HPLC laboratory.

Before these regulations, most electronic cigarette companies supplied Chinese liquids, for which there were no regulations or testing. Lately, new “Liquid” companies are popping up each day, supplying US or Canadian-made liquids. Most of these these companies are not following the proposed FDA regulations, and are also using Food Flavouring that contain unwanted ingredients/chemicals such as Sugar, Acetone and Diacetyl, which have may have good flavour, but are potentially harmful when inhaled through vapor production.Crystal E-Liquid follows Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) guidelines.

These guidelines make sure that a product is manufactured in a facility that meets minimum requirements, and that the methods and controls used in that facility are safe and follow guidelines. CGMP guidelines also require that a product is made with the ingredients and to the strength it claims to have.

All of the base mixtures we use are comprised of United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade kosher materials, and all of our unique formulas are made fresh by degreed chemists and tested in house by our own High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) laboratory.

All crystal raw materials are tested by an accredited third party lab. By using Crystal, we can make sure we’re making the highest quality and safest products with the highest quality materials we can source.

How Have E-Cigs Evolved Over Time?

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes may be a fairly new product in the market, but they have already seen drastic technical changes. The first e-cigs available for purchase were disposable and came pre-filled with liquid from China. Not only were these e-cigs not reusable or rechargeable, their performance was poor and only lasted about a day. These disables (disposables) also gave users no choice on the liquid, as they came pre-filled. The poor taste of the pre-filled liquid also raised concerns about its content.

The first advancement in e-cig technology was rechargeable batteries with pre-filled cartridges, but it still had its drawbacks. While it was a big improvement to be able to recharge your batteries, the ones that were available held a very small charge. This meant that users were constantly recharging batteries as well as constantly changing cartridges. The pre-filled cartridges had the same Chinese made e-liquid in them, which prompted us to become the first company to offer cartridges with premium US Made e liquid.

With the release of the “”eGo”” model, users finally had access to a product with a larger battery and re-fillable tank. This new development meant that users were able re-fill their cartridges with bottles of their chosen e-liquid, instead of purchasing individual cartridges. These improvements lead to increased performance, which contributed to the ease of quitting smoking while using e-cigs.

Shortly after the eGo came the variable voltage eGo. This upgraded eGo featured batteries that allowed users to select the amount of power (vapor and throat hit) used based on their preferences. Users finally had access to a product that allowed them to adjust between a light or heavy cigarette to help them achieve their goals of cigarette reduction.

The most recent addition to the e-cig market are MODs. These are high-end products that are designed for heavy smokers who found that the normal eGo models don’t offer enough power or battery life. MODs use an interchangeable battery system (much like a flashlight), and can make use of much larger tanks with larger liquid capacity. These improved features give them much longer battery-life, more power and better performance, making them ideal for cloud chasers and those looking for the strongest e-cig available.

In the few short years that e-cigs have been available on the market, we’ve seen the design and technology behind them increase by leaps and bounds. It’s only a matter of time before the next big thing comes out, and when it does, you can trust us to be the first to offer it!

How E-Cigz Helped Sean Quit Smoking

Help Quitting Smoking

Does this story sound familiar? Sean was sick of smoking. He had been a smoker for over 25 years and had tried everything on the market to help him quit. You name it, he tried it. From Nicorette and Champix to hypnotism and acupuncture, nothing had helped him quit for good.

Sean was almost ready to give up, when he discovered electronic cigarettes. He knew right away that this would be the product that helped him quit for good. E-cigz were different than other products Sean had tried, because they were designed to help with more than just physically getting the nicotine. They helped with the psychological sensations associated with smoking.

Not only was Sean able to use E-Cigz to help him kick his smoking habit, he found that they provided many benefits over traditional cigarettes. They had no smell, didn’t leave stains on his fingers or teeth, and most importantly, allowed him to control his nicotine intake. When Sean was smoking traditional cigarettes, his smoking breaks would take up unnecessary time in his day. He would have to stop what he was doing, go outside, and smoke an entire cigarette. When he started using E-Cigz, Sean found that he had so much extra time because he eliminated the need for dedicated smoking breaks. With his E-Cigz, he could just have a puff or two whenever he needed.

Sean truly had tried everything on the market to help him quit smoking, but it wasn’t until he came across electronic cigarettes that he knew he was done “quitting”. It was time for Sean to start living.

Who We Are

E-Cigz was founded in 2009 after countless failed attempts at quitting smoking. In 2009, electronic cigarettes were still a new product in North America. For Sean, they were the first product that had actually helped him quit smoking for good. This inspired Sepideh and himself to start a company to help others in his situation.

At this time, you could only get cartridges with liquid from China. Besides the inconvenience, the biggest drawback to this was that the Chinese liquid had a strong chemical taste to it. Concerned about what was in it, Sean, Sepideh, and other interested parties tested this Chinese-made liquid. When they got the results they discovered that the taste was due to the presence of unwanted chemicals, such as Acetoin and Dicetyl.

These test results reinforced their decision to move forward with supplying Electronic Cigarettes with their own US-made liquid, making them the first company to do so in the North American market. The production of a cleaner American-made liquid would ensure they knew exactly what was going into it. It would also help them to make sure that they were providing the highest quality product to their customers, with US-made Crystal E Liquid.

As demand for a cleaner alternative grew, so did the market. Today, E-Cigz American-made liquid is offered in over 90 flavours. This growing demand also meant that E-Cigz was able to open retail stores in in Guelph, Ontario and Buffalo, New York, in addition to their online store.